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Adventure Sports in Kozhikode

The Adventure Sports involve a higher level of danger and risk. Adapting to the modern lifestyle, the people of Kozhikode have started taking great interest in adventure sports. The adventure sports in Kozhikode involve physical exertion, speed, modern gear, height etc.

Adventure Sports in Kozhikode

Here are some adventure sports and activities you can enjoy in and around Kozhikode:
  1. Water Sports: The coastal location of Kozhikode provides opportunities for water sports such as kayaking, parasailing, and jet skiing. The Kozhikode Beach and nearby Beypore Beach are popular spots for these activities.

  2. Kite Surfing: Kozhikode is gaining popularity as a kite surfing destination, particularly in the Beypore area. The steady winds and favorable conditions make it a great place for kite surfers.

  3. Trekking: The Western Ghats, which are not too far from Kozhikode, offer excellent trekking opportunities. Places like Wayanad, which is nearby, are known for their trekking trails that take you through lush forests, hills, and scenic landscapes.

  4. Cycling: The countryside around Kozhikode provides a picturesque backdrop for cycling enthusiasts. You can explore the rural areas and take in the natural beauty while cycling.

  5. Wildlife Safaris: Visit nearby wildlife sanctuaries and national parks like Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary for wildlife safaris. You can spot elephants, tigers, and various other species of animals and birds.

  6. Rock Climbing: The rocky terrain around Kozhikode offers opportunities for rock climbing. Be sure to go with a guide who can ensure your safety.

  7. Boating: Take a boat ride in the serene backwaters of Kozhikode, which will provide you with a peaceful and scenic experience.

  8. Fishing: Engage in angling and fishing in the rivers and backwaters of the region. You can even try traditional methods of fishing.

  9. Zip-lining: Some adventure parks and resorts in and around Kozhikode may offer zip-lining activities for those seeking an adrenaline rush.

  10. White Water Rafting: While not in Kozhikode itself, you can plan a day trip to the Chalippuzha River in Wayanad, which is known for its white water rafting experiences during the monsoon season.

Trekking in Kozhikode

Trekking in Kozhikode is a delight because you can witness a lot of beautiful views as you keep climbing. The best area for trekking in Kozhikode is the Thusharagiri Falls. There is a small winding road in the Adivaram Village that serves as a branch to the NH 212.

As and when you start climbing higher and higher, you will start seeing the Thusharagiri Falls final position. Almost at the end of the trekking route, you will be able to see not less than 4 waterfalls. The trekkers have to walk on narrow bridges over water. From the base of the Thusharagiri falls, rises another trail which is ideal for trekking and is used by trekkers in huge numbers.

Another ideal place for trekking is the Kozhippara Falls in Kozhikode. This place is a great attraction for tourists and locals in Kozhikode. Trekking and swimming can easily be done here. 

Also, a place called Vallari Mala is quite famous for trekking as it has plenty of trekking routes for those who are interested, and each route is quite different from the other. So you can kind of choose the level of difficulty for your trekking challenge.

Paragliding in Kozhikode

Paragliding has gained a lot of popularity in Kozhikode. With the paragliders, the people can also enjoy the view of the entire city, and more, depending on the altitude they want to or are able to achieve. Paragliding in Kozhikode is done at the Kappad Beach, which is one of the oldest beaches in the city and the state.

Rock Climbing in Kozhikode

Rock climbing can be done on natural rocks and mountains or artificial ones as well. The descent is more risky than the climb because by the time the person starts the descent, he or she is already tired. 

Even the descent involves as much power and determination as is needed during the climb. This adventure sport is recognized by the International Olympic Committee. In Kozhikode, rock climbing can be done at the Thusharagiri Falls and bookings can be done at the Facilitation Center near to it.

Snorkeling in Kozhikode

Snorkeling is also gaining popularity amongst the people of Kozhikode. It allows a person to view the underwater attractions with ease and comfort and for extended periods. Snorkeling can be done in Kozhikode at the Kappad Beach.

Water Skiing in Kozhikode

Just like any other adventure sport, water skiing requires the person to have adequate strength and balance. This is enjoyed by people of all age groups in Kozhikode. It is done in Kozhikode at the Kappad Beach.

Rafting in Kozhikode

River rafting is fun and dangerous. Many a times this adventure sport has proved to be fatal for some. But it is still well enjoyed by many people in Kozhikode. In Kozhikode, rafting is mainly done at the Thusharagiri Falls on the River Iruvanjhipuzha. 

There are different classes or grades of the rapids on the rivers. The rapids on this river are grade 2, which makes it a challenge for the participants as Grade 2 means that the water is somewhat rough and there are rocks as well, which make maneuvering the raft essential.

Kayaking in Kozhikode

In Kozhikode, kayaking is done at Thusharagiri Falls. Kozhikode recently held the Second International Kayaking Championship. In this championship, 14 foreign nations took part, which has made this sport more popular than ever in Kozhikode. This championship has taken the adventure sports to a totally different level in Kozhikode.

Jet Skiing in Kozhikode

Kozhikode has many water-related adventure sports. So how could Jet Skiing be left behind? A company called Aqua Frolics has planned to launch jet skis and banana boats at Kappad Beach in Kozhikode, much to the delight of the adventure loving locals. The prices are so low that tourists and locals, both will be able to enjoy these sports without stressing themselves much.

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