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Sports in Kozhikode

Sports have always been appreciated in Kozhikode. People indulge themselves in various sports and even young children can be seen in the evenings at the various stadiums and parks in Kozhikode with their bats, balls or racquets. The government also supports this craze for sports and has, therefore, established many stadiums and playing grounds in Kozhikode so that the children and sports persons can utilize the facilities and improve their skills. Almost all of the sports are played in Kozhikode, and there are plenty of sports shops which give the best quality sports goods. Badminton, football, cricket, volleyball, basketball, athletics etc. are few of the sports that the people of Kozhikode indulge themselves in.

Sports in Kozhikode

Kozhikode is also called the ‘Second Mecca’ of the lovers of football. People are die-hard fans of football and do not waste an opportunity to play this sport. As the craze for the Football World Cup took over the people of Kozhikode, the sales of jerseys, flags and footballs grew tremendously. Adidas had manufactured and sent only 160 footballs to India, which were made from polyurethane. Each ball was priced at Rs.7700. In Kozhikode alone, there were 12 of these balls in the Adidas showroom and all of them were bought by the customers. Such is the craze that people have for football in Kozhikode. Jerseys of great teams like Brazil and Argentina were so much in demand that the supply could not be fulfilled.

Kozhikode has produced great players in different fields of sports. Some of the famous players and athletes who hailed from Kozhikode are given below.

  • Pilavullakandi Thekkeparambil Usha (P.T.Usha): P.T. Usha was born in a small village called Payyoli in Kozhikode District. She was considered the queen of the Indian tracks and was also called the ‘Payyoli Express’. She has won the maximum awards and medals for India in the field of athletics.
  • Tom Joseph: He is one of the best volleyball players of India. He was also the Captain of the Indian Volleyball team.
  • Roy Joseph: He was a volleyball player and played for the Indian Volleyball team.
  • V Diju, Aparna Balan and Arun Vishnu: They were badminton players and played for the Indian Badminton team.
  • Mayookha Johny: He was an athlete who was a champion in Triple Jump and Long Jump.
  • Premnath Phillips: He was a football player and one of the best that India has produced.

Football in Kozhikode

Many facilities have been provided to the people to take their passion for the game to the next level. Many football teams are there in Kozhikode and many tournaments keep happening in the city where all the teams get to showcase their talent. Recently the ‘Kozhikode football league’ was held in the city. The two teams which reached the finals in this tournament were the ‘Zamorins’ and the ‘Spartans’. The Spartans won the finals with 3-0. A new club has been formed in Kozhikode known as SEPT (Sports Education & Promotion Trust). This is also a football academy which is giving good training to the children and football players. Plans are being made to host the Federation Cup Football Championship at the EMS Stadium of Kozhikode. This is a very big leap for everybody associated with the game at these levels.

The Sports Authority of India (SAI) has made plans to establish a football academy. The estimated cost of this football academy is around Rs 300 crore.

Cricket in Kozhikode

Cricket in Kozhikode

Cricket is a sport which is played with much enthusiasm all over Kozhikode. If not on the playgrounds, many children are seen even on the streets with their bat and ball and enjoying the evenings playing a game of cricket. To help children and interested players, cricket councils, cricket coaching classes and cricket stadiums have been established.

Karate in Kozhikode

These days Karate is not only known as a self-defense technique, it is also considered a sport. This sometimes gives Karate an edge over other sports because it is very beneficial for women. This gives girls and women a lot of self-confidence. There are many coaching centres in Kozhikode for Karate. An all-India Karate tournament was held in May 2014 in Kozhikode at the Gandhi Griham auditorium. The All India All Style Martial Arts Open Tournament was held in Kozhikode in February 2014. More than 1000 participants from all across the country participated in this knock-out tournament.

Hockey in Kozhikode

Being the national game of India, Hockey does have an influence over the children of Kozhikode. A Hockey Stadium is also being established in Kozhikode, though the exact date is not known as of now. There are plenty shops in Kozhikode which sells the hockey goods.

Badminton in Kozhikode

Badminton is yet another sport which is liked and played by one and all. We can see young boys and girls with a racquet and a shuttle cock in their hands playing Badminton on the streets and in the stadiums with much enthusiasm. Many Badminton tournaments are held in Kozhikode and the Stadiums or gardens are jam packed with the crowd of eager viewers. Most of the tournaments and championships are held under floodlights. Many of the players from the Sports Authority of India and other sports centres come to play in such tournaments. The Kosmoz Sports Kozhikode District Badminton Championship was held in Kozhikode in the month of June in 2014. The number of participants went up to more than 500. It was decided that the winner of this tournament would be selected to represent the city/district in the State Championship.

Kabaddi In Kozhikode

Kabaddi in the recent years has gained a lot of popularity in Kozhikode. Even the schools in Kozhikode are promoting this sport and children of all age-groups seem to enjoy this sport and work hard towards improving their skills. Recently Zonal Games were held in Kozhikode, of which Kabaddi was a big hit. Though the winner in Kabaddi was Thrissur, each and every one enjoyed watching this game.

Municipal Corporation Stadium

The Municipal Corporation Stadium, now also known as the EMS Stadium, serves a lot of purposes. This Stadium is mainly used for football matches and can hold up to 53,000 people. Built in the year 1977, this stadium is equipped with floodlights which are mostly used for the football and cricket matches. According to the experts as well as the media, the football ground of this stadium is the best in India. The India-Pakistan veteran match was also held here. A unique for the maximum number of crowd for a national football league is held by this stadium. Many tournaments and games like the Santosh Trophy, Sugar cup finals, Scissors Cup finals, Nagji trophy etc. were held in the Municipal Corporation Stadium.

Kozhikode is known for celebrating a festival called the Malabar Mahotsavam. The Municipal Corporation Stadium hosted this festival. The Academy Award winner A.R.Rehman went on a world tour and his inaugural performance was also held at this Stadium. It has been renovated and is now of an international standard capable of holding International games and events.

Municipal Corporation Stadium
Rajaji Road, Kozhikode,
Kerala 673001.

Malabar Cricket Club
Beach Hotel Compound,
Calicut Beach, Kozhikode,
Kerala 673032
Ph No.: 0495 2365565

Kozhikode District Sports Council
Mananchira Road,
Palayam, Kozhikode,
Kerala 673001
Ph No.: +91 9447261910

Sports clubs in Kozhikode

Here is the list of the sports clubs in Kozhikode.

Art and Sports Club

Near Asoka Hospital,
Bank Road, Kozhikode,
Kerala 673001.

Indian Union Muslim League City Committee:
Court Road, Calicut Beach,
Kerala 673002.
Ph No.: 0495 2366140

Sarathy Arts and Sports Club:
Mananchira, Kozhikode,
Kerala 673002
Ph No.: 0495 2460168

Sports Stores in Kozhikode

Find here the list of sports stores in Kozhikode.

AFI Sports

Oasis Compound, MP road,
Kozhikode, Kerala.
Ph No.: 0495 2722049

Lohi Sports
SM Street,
Koshikode, Kerala.
Ph No.: 0495 2722132

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