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Weekend Getaways near Kozhikode

Kozhikode has been a popular destination for tourists from all across the globe. There are many places around Kozhikode as well which definitely worth a visit. These places are well-connected by roads and railways from Kozhikode and act as perfect weekend getaways near Kozhikode. One of the many facilities that Kozhikode offers is the transportation, so these places are very easy to reach.

Rejuvenation of the mind, soul and body is a surety if you visit these places. Some of these places are popular tourist destinations, and some are simply off-beat destinations. But all of these places offer something unique. Sight-seeing, fun-filled activities or just the natural beauty of these places will surely make your weekend a memorable one. Some of the places are given below.

Kodungallur near Kozhikode


This town can satisfy the tourists and historians alike. Located at a distance of 146 kilometers from Kozhikode, this town is loved by the people who love nature and its beauty. With a beautiful coast and the religious sites, this town has the Arabian Sea and the Periyar River encircling it. Kodungallur is famous because of its harbor and the Kurumbakavu Temple. This town is also famous for hosting the festivals called ‘Kodungallur Bharani’ and the ‘Thalappoli’. During the festival season Kodangallur attracts millions of tourists and devotees to the temple. Religious spots like Koodalmanikyam Temple, Thiruvanchikkulam Mahadev Temple, Keezhthali Mahadeva Temple, Mar Thoma Shrine, Triprayar Sri Rama Temple and the Sringapuram Mahadeva Temple are a worth visit for tourists. Other major attractions include Kaddipuram Beach and Kottappuram Fort.

Kodangallur is easily accessible by road, so taking a taxi is the best way to reach this place from Kozhikode. By taxi it will take around 2 hours and 45 minutes to reach.


Bekal is a town in the Pallikare village and is around 169 kilometers from Kozhikode. It lies along the Arabian Sea’s Coastline. The town has derived the name from ‘Baliakulam’ meaning big palace. ‘Payasam’ is the famous cuisine of Bekal. Each temple in this town houses a different deity. The ‘Theyyam Performance’ is an attraction over here which people get to see in the initial months of the year. The Archaeological Department of India preserves one of the largest forts of India, known as the Bekal Fort. The Fort in itself is a delight to see, and the icing on the cake is the surrounding area which includes the Sea. Other attractions in Bekal are the Bekal Beach, a mosque which Tipu Sultan had established, the Ananthapura Temple, a temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman and the Changragiri Fort. The best way to reach this place is by train (The Mangalore Express), which takes 3 hours and 4 minutes to reach from Kozhikode.


Aluva near Kozhikode

This destination, located at a distance of 178 kilometers from Kozhikode, is mostly famous for housing the Shiva Temple and the festival of Mahashivratri attached to the Temple and its deity. This festival lasts for 6 days. This Temple is famous for it architecture too. What’s unique about the architecture of this temple is that the onlooker gets a sense of illusion that the Temple is unfinished. This town has plenty of sightseeing options for tourists. One of the best scenic views here is the sight of the Periyar River. A grand view of this town can be seen from the Marthanda Varma Bridge. The best way to reach Aluva from Kozhikode is by train (The Ernakulam Express), which reaches Aluva in 3 hours and 25 minutes.


This town in the Thrissur district lies around 180 kilometers from Kozhikode. The waterfalls and the rainforests, each majestic and enchanting, are the biggest attractions here in this town. The Charpa and the Vazhachal waterfalls are two very famous waterfalls here. The Western Ghats, known for their wildlife and the greenery, has an area of forests known as the Athirappilly Vazhachal Area. These forests have many rare species and some endangered species of many birds and animals. The forests have known to be the best conservation efforts for elephants in India, by the Wildlife Trust. Many varieties of endangered birds like the endangered hornbill, which is found here in 4 varieties, are found here. Even the flora and fauna of this area is found in diversity and because of this, it has been declared as a sanctuary or a national park. During the rainy season, various streams and the Chalakuddy River are worth viewing. The tribes of these forests are called Kodars and you can easily experience what their way of life is. The best way to reach Athirapally from Kozhikode is by taxi, which will take around 3 hours and 28 minutes to reach.


Places Weekend Getaways near Kozhikode

Located at a distance of 181 kilometers from Kozhikode, Kasaragod is Kerala’s northernmost district. This town derives its name from ‘Kasaara’ which means lake and ‘Kroda’ which means a place securing a treasure. The Kasaaraka trees envelope this town and the town’s name can also be said to be derived from these trees. The coconut trees, typical in Kerala, and the streams are part of the natural beauty of this town. The Cock Fight and the Buffalo Fight, which takes place to praise the deities, are popular here. Some of the important tourist attractions in this town are the Madiyan Kulam Temple, The Govinda Pal Memmorial and the Malik Deenar Mosque. The best way to reach this place form Kozhikode is by train (Mangalore Express), which takes around 3 hours to reach.


Located at a distance of 185 kilometers from Kozhikode, Malayatoor is a small town in the district of Ernakulam. The name is derived from the mix of 3 words ‘Mala’, ‘Arr’ and ‘Oore’ which mean mountain, river and place respectively. This town is so called because it is in the middle of the Western Ghats and the River Periyar. This town is famous for Apostle St. Thomas’s Catholic Church, which is an ancient church. This town is a famous Christian Pilgrimage Center, along being famous for its beauty. There are many other churches here, like the Church of Mary and St. Sebastian. The Durga Devi Temple is a very famous temple. During a trip to this town, Moolankuzhy and Mahagani Thottam are few of the places which can be visited in addition. The best way to reach Malayatoor from Kozhikode is by taxi, which takes around 3 hours and 24 minutes to reach from Kozhikode.


Kochi near KozhikodeAlso known as Cochin, this town is located around 188 kilometers from Kozhikode. It is said that every person must visit this city at least once in their lifetime. Kochi’s main water body is the Arabian Sea and it is a major port in India. Coming under the Ernakulum district, this city derives its name from the term ‘kochu azhi’ which means a small lagoon in Malayalam, and is a term best suited to this city. Many Portuguese had fell in love with this city and many of them have settled down in this city. Kochi has gained popularity as it is one of the few cities that have harmoniously amalgamated the Indian culture and the influence from the West. This city offers everybody something or the other that they desire. Historical monuments, religious activities, parks, beaches, museums, malls, sanctuaries, waterfalls, etc. are just few of the many attractions that this city has to offer. The backwaters which run almost parallel to the Arabian Sea are so beautiful and serene that people can spend an entire day over here with their family. Kerala’s largest lake, Vembanad Lake, extends into the backwaters in Kochi.

One can take a stroll at Marine Drive and enjoy the wonderful breeze of the Arabian Sea. For the history lovers, Fort Kochi is a major attraction. At Fort Kochi you can even get an ayurvedic massage and you can find the Santa Cruz Basilica and the Matancherry Palace, which are major attractions for tourists as well. The best way to reach this place from Kozhikode is by the combination of railways and roadways. Take a train from Kozhikode to Ernakulum (Jan Shatabdi) and then take a taxi from Ernakulum to Kochi. The train journey will take around 3 hours and 40 minutes and the taxi journey will be for just 25 minutes.


Located at a distance of around 189 kilometers from Kozhikode, Chottanikkara is situated near the central part of the state. This is a very famous religious destination. Since it a very calm and a serene place, the pilgrims and the tourists are able to rejuvenate their mind and body. The major attraction of this place is the Chottanikkara Temple, which was built many centuries ago. This temple houses the Deity Goddess Bhagavathi and is famous for its architecture which includes the wooden sculptures (locally known as Vishwakarma Sthapathis). This temple also holds the famous festival called the Chottanikkara Makam Thozhal, which draws many tourists as well as devotees. Other famous attractions are the Archaeological Museum, the Kaduthuruthy Shiva Temple, the Poornathrayesa Temple, the Embank Lake, the Vaikom Mahadeva Temple and the Ernakulathappan Temple. The best way to reach this place from Kozhikode is by taking a train from Kozhikode to Ernakulum (Jan Shatabdi) and then taking a taxi from Ernakulum to Chottanikkara. The train journey will take around 3 hours and 40 minutes and the taxi journey will be for just 35 minutes.


Weekend Trip Kozhikode

It is a beautiful village in Alappuzha and is located at a distance of around 224 kilometers from Kozhikode. It is famous for its beach with yellow sand. The people of this village are still living the way people used to live around hundred years ago. Also famous for coir making, this village is surrounded by a very serene ambience and environment. You can head out for a trip to the ocean with the local fishermen and get a glimpse of the life that they lead. Other attractions here are water sports, ayurvedic treatments, catamaran, meditation and yoga. The weather is fine almost every month of the year. Some other attractions in this place are Kokkamangalam Church, Shiva Temple, Cherathala Karthiyeni Temple, Aroor, Kokkamanglam St Apostle Church, Poochchakkal, Aruthankal, Panavally, Arthunkal and Velovattam. The best way to reach Mararikulam from Kozhikode is by train (The Maveli Express), which takes around 5 hours and 10 minutes to reach.


Alleppey is a land of leisure, tranquility and lagoons. It is around 233 kilometers from Kozhikode. Also known as the “Venice of the East”, this place has beautiful backwaters and greenery along with the most amazing beaches, lakes and houseboats. Even the waterways in this city are so good that you will be able to relax at the same while you get busy watching the beautiful scenery. Apart from nature, the other things that attract the tourists are the religious spots like the Mullakkal Rajeshwari Temple, the Mannarsala Sree Nagaraja Temple, the Ambalapuzha Sree Krishna Temple, the Chettikulangara Bhagavathy Temple, the Edathua Church, St. Sebastian’s Church, St. Andrew’s Church and the Champakulam Church. The best way to reach this place from Kozhikode is by train (Jan Shatabdi), which will take around 4 hours and 32 minutes.


Weekend Getaways near Kozhikode

Kumarakom is located at a distance of around 228 kilometers from Kozhikode, and is one of the many famous destinations in Kerala. It is a collection of scenic and beautiful islands. This place has gained the maximum number of tourists for its backwaters. Full of greenery and the natural beauty, Kumarakom attracts travelers to unwind themselves. Coconut groves, palm trees and paddy fields add to the charm of this beautiful place. This place also houses the most famous sanctuaries of Kerala. The main water-body attractions in this place are Vembanad Lake, Kumarakom Backwaters, Aruvikkuzhi Falls and the Kumarakom Beach. Other tourist spots are the Bay Island Driftwood Museum, Pathiramannal and the Jama Masjid, along with the various temples, mosques and churches like the Ettumanoor Mahadeva Temple, Thirunakkara Mahadeva Temple, St. Mary’s Church at Cheriapally, Vaikom Mahadeva Temple and St. Mary’s Church at Athirampuzha. The easiest way to reach this place from Kozhikode is by Taxi, which will take around 5 hours and 10 minutes. But this will be very expensive. A cheaper way is to take a train from Kozhikode to Kottayam and then take a taxi from Kottayam to Kumarakom. This will take around 6 hours, but is comparatively very cheap.


This city is around 243 kilometers from Kozhikode. Kottayam was the first district which had 100 % rate of literacy and was also the first district to be tobacco-free in India. Kottayam was crowned as India’s first city to be transformed into an Eco City. This city is known as the city of 4 ‘Ls’, which are letters, lakes, latex and legends. This city has contributed a lot in the field of literature and print media. Because of this, it is also known as “Akshara Nagari” which means a city of letters. Kottayam is derived from 2 words, namely ‘Kott’ and ‘akam’, which means ‘fort’ and ‘inside’ respectively, literally meaning ‘the interior of a fort’.

To the east of this town are the Western Ghats and to the west is the Vembanad Lake, which makes this city all the more beautiful. Many tourists are found in this city who come to relax in the beautiful surroundings and to experience the wonderful cultural values of the people of this city. The Poonjar Palace is worth visiting because it depicts the rich culture of Kerala. It also has many famous temples like the Thirunakkara Mahadeva Temple, Subramanya Swani Temple, Thiruverpu Temple, Saraswathy Temple and the Pallippurathu Kavu. It is also home to the Thazhathangady Juma Masjid and St. Mary’s Orthodox Church, which attract thousands of devotees. Another tourist spot is the Kottathavalam Cave. Trekking, boating, fishing and swimming are a few activities that you can indulge yourself in. The best way to reach this place from Kozhikode is by train, which takes around 4 hours and 33 minutes to reach.


Vagamon Near Kozhikode

It is very beautiful hill station which is around 264 kilometers from Kozhikode, on the border of the Idukki district and Kottayam. This place comes under the top 50 attractive destinations in India. Mostly popular as a honeymoon destination, this place is filled with romantic couples looking for some peace and quiet along with beauty. It has green plains, beautiful rivers, waterfalls, hills, forests and unpolluted air. It has hills like Murugan Hill, Thangal Hill and Kurisumala, which make this place even more beautiful. Not just the natural beauty, this place is also known for the things that it allows the tourists to do. A few of these things are rock climbing, mountaineering, trekking and paragliding. Located at an elevation of 1100 meters, this place is also known as “Scotland of Asia”. The easiest way to reach this place from Kozhikode is by taxi, which will take around 5 hours and 40 minutes. But this will be very expensive. A cheaper way is to take a train from Kozhikode to Kottayam and then take a taxi from Kottayam to Kumarakom. This will take around 7 hours, but is comparatively almost half the price than a taxi.


Idduki is located around 267 kilometers from Kozhikode and boasts of being home to the highest peak in India, the Anamudi. Also, the world’s second largest dam is also housed in Idukki. This place is a major hub for the export of items such as sandalwood, teak, ivory, rosewood, etc. to many distant countries. This place has remains of the stone-age period including a few tombs. There are many sanctuaries and parks like the Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary, Kurinjimala Sanctuary, the Chinnar wildlife Sanctuary, Anamudi Shola National Park, the Pampadum Shola National Park, the Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary and the Eravikulam National Park. You can find the Purple Frog Tiger, Sambar Deer, Nilgiri Wood-pigeon, Grizzled Giant Squirrel, Elephants, Nilgiri Tahr and Neelkurinji. The Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary is well known for housing various birds, animals and reptiles. Endangered birds like bay owl, rose-billed roller, Malabar grey hornbill, crested serpent eagle, fairy bluebird and the crimson throated barber are found in this Sanctuary. For trekking, visiting Kalvari Mount, Palkulmedu, Nedumkandam Hill and Kulamavu is ideal. For nature lovers, a visit to Hill View Park, Samuchayam, Thumpachi Calveri and Painavu is a must. The best way to reach this place is by taxi, which will take around 5 hours and 20 minutes.


Located near the banks of the Manumala River, Thiruvala is approximately 268 kilometers from Kozhikode. This place is also known as the ‘Temple Town’ because of the culture and history that is attached to every temple in this city. Tourists, devotees and worshippers from across the world are attracted towards this place. ‘Sri Vallabha Temple’ is housed here. Another great thing about this place is that the Paliakkara Church is also located here. This Church has a history attached which takes us back to A.D.52, the time when Christianity was introduced for the first time in Kerala. The unique thing about this place is the numerous performances and the rituals of the temples which includes Arattu, Chuttuvilakku, Ammakudam, Chandanakudam, Ezhunnallathu etc. The best way to reach this place from Kozhikode is by train (The Parasuram Express) which takes around 6 hours and 14 minutes to reach.


Located at a distance of around 269 kilometers from Kozhikode, Kanjirapally is a town not too big in size and a taluk. The Syrian Christians are a majority over here, though there are many Hindus and Muslims residing here as well. This town gets its name from the ‘Kanjim’ trees which in the olden days were found in abundance in and around the region. There are many attractions in this town, such as Ganapathiyar Kovil, Madurai Meenakshi Temple, St. Domnic Syro’s Malabar Catholic Cathedral, Nainaru Mosque and the St. Mary’s Church. The Ganapathiyar Temple depicts the influence this town had in the area which dates back to the ancient times. The St. Mary’s Church, also known as the Pazhaya Palli, is the oldest church of this town and dates back to 1449. Built in a Muslim Saint’s memory who devoted himself to a Hindu God Lord Ayyappen, the Nainaru Mosque is very popular. The best way to reach this place will be by taxi, which will take around 5.5 hours to reach.


Weekend Trip from Kozhikode to Munnar

Located at a distance of 278 kilometers from Kozhikode, this place is an irresistible hill station on the Western Ghats. The term ‘Munnar’ in Malayalam means ‘3 rivers’ and this place is so called because the 3 rivers namely Kundaly, Nallathanni and Madhurapuzha converge here. It is located at the border of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, which is why it has got the characteristics of both these states.

One of the prime attractions of this place is the Eravikulam National Park. Other attractions here are the waterfalls in and around Munnar. The Pallivasal and the Chinnakanal Falls are very beautiful and are definitely worth visiting. Another important spot in Munnar is the Anayirankal Reservoir. It is also famous for the Tea Plantations. The ‘Echo Point’ is a very famous spot here, and is also known for the magnificent beauty that surrounds this place. Other attractions in Munnar are Pothanmedu, Rajamala, Nadukani, Attukal, and Meenuli. The highest point on the road to Kodaikanal is called the ‘Top Station’ and gives a view that cannot be compared to anything.

The best way to reach this place from Kozhikode is by taxi which takes around 5 hours and 46 minutes. Since it is expensive by taxi, a cheaper alternative will be to take a train from Kozhikode to Aluva and then take a taxi from Aluva to Munnar.


Another hill retreat of Kerala, Devikulam is located at a distance of 281 kilometers from Kozhikode. The velvet kind of meadows, the waterfalls, the hillocks and the other beautiful things that surround this place attracts people to this city. Trout Fishing is a famous activity here. Trekkers are in for a treat as they are take an excursion through the red gum trees and the plantations which will give them an experience of a lifetime. The Sita Devi Lake is one of the main attractions of this city. Pallivasal Falls are a must to visit. There is a guided tour of the plantation, so people who are interested can get to know more about it. The best way to reach this place from Kozhikode is by taxi, which takes about 5 hours and 46 minutes to reach. A cheaper alternative will be to take a train from Kozhikode to Aluva and then take a taxi from Aluva to Devikulam.

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