Food in Kozhikode

There have been a larger number of Indian and foreign influences on the food forms available in the Kozhikode streets and bazars. The Malabar cuisine finds its expert exponents in Kozhikode. There have been several influences on the food of Kozhikode. This would include the British, the Chinese, the European and the Arab besides the various Indian influences like the south Indian, the north Indian as also the Gujarati and Jain food preparations.

Food in Kozhikode

To this versatile aspect would be added the fact that it is a port town that has had innumerable influences from other parts of the world, even Africa and the Middle East. The people of Kozhikode are a veritable mix of religions. The myriad festivities have a huge variety of food and feasts ranging from the vast spread on Onam and Pongal to Id-ul-Fitr and Christmas. All festivals are celebrated with equal gaiety and pomp.

It must be noted that while the traditional recipes and food preparations are delighted in by both the younger and the older generation there is the emergence of the newer tastes and palates among the younger lot. They prefer the American and Italian cuisines. They want to experiment with the various newer foods that are making their inroads into Kozhikode through the part of Calicut. They are also willing to experiment with blends of tastes that are accomplished through fusion dishes that take the best qualities of two different dishes and bring them together in a taste enriched mix.

Kozhikode Food Recipes

The most amazing fact of the culinary scenario at Kozhikode is the delectable sweetmeat called ‘Halwa’ which is a preparation made with flour. It is fried in clarified butter or ‘ghee’ with sugar and dry fruits. This savory delight is sold all over the ‘Mitthai Theruvu’ or the Sweetmeats Street or as it is commonly and colloquially called the ‘SM’ street. The Europeans and even the Middle Eastern people docking at the Kozhikode port carried away large qualities of this delightful sweat and dished its rich, savoury taste.

Non vegetarian food in Kozhikode

Another all time favourite of the Kozhikode culinary food is their special spread called the ‘Sadya’. It is a feast magnitude meal comprising rice, sambhar, papadum and there these are accompanied by seven different kinds of savory and spicy curries served piping hot.

Besides the above two types of signature specialties brought up by the Kozhikode kitchens there is the additional delicacy called ‘biryani’ which is made with basmati, or a specially fragrant variety of rice cooked with a number of aromatic spices. These biryanis are made with fish, sea-food, chicken, mutton and also beef.

However, there is an increasing trend of vegetarianism among the youth, therefore, they tend to opt for vegetarian biryani - a new concept that is made most delectable by the addition of the grand spices of Malabar.

Restaurants in Kozhikode

There are a number of restaurants that cater to the needs and supply the demands of the various people interested in the food of this Malabari coastal city. Some of them specialize in pure vegetarian food while others have a mixed platter of seafood, continental foods as well as fusion foods that combine the heavenly tastes of two or more culinary areas and bring about the creation of a whole new culinary world. There are also restaurants that offer dishes from the Mediterranean and the middle Eastern as well as Continental range of taste bud ticklers.

Some restaurants focus on the exotic like desert food, Chinese fare, Thai and Italian. Given below is a list of all some of the sought-after eating joints in Kozhikode:

Hotel Paragon Restaurant – It serves Indian cuisine.

Address: Kannur Road, Near CH Flyover, Calicut, Kozhikode 673001, India
Ph: +91 495 276 7020

Mezban – The cuisines served here are Indian, Seafood, Continental as well as Fusion forms which are liked by a number of select population groups.

Address: Mavoor Road, Calicut, Kozhikode 673004, India
Ph: 04954088000

Kingsbay – this restaurant serves excellent seafood and continental food varieties.

Address: Customs Road, Near Taj Gateway Hotel and The beach, Kozhikode 673001, India
Ph: 04954054422

Hotel Rahamth is famous for its beef biryani and other Indian cuisine.

Address: KP Kesava Menon Road | Near Mathrubhumi, Kozhikode, India

Garlic Routes – The restaurant serves Chinese, Desert, Indian and Continental foods.

Address: 968, AJN, Mn's Avenue, Between 4TH Gate and YMCA Road, Calicut-673001, Kozhikode, India
Ph: 9562956232

Zamzam Restaurant – This restaurant serves as a specialty outlet for the utmost interesting ‘thali’ or platter of Middle Eastern Cuisine.

Address: Opposite Tagore hall, R. Road, Kozhikode 673032, India

Aalibhais Thattukada – An amazing food court that serves up all kinds of seafood. Besides having an exclusive dining hall the restaurant also has a tea room besides having a street food section while also having a full fledged Indian and Chinese section.

Address: South Beach Road, Calicut | South Beach Road, Calicut, Kozhikode 673001, India
Ph: +(91)9846122823

Most of the restaurants serve up a wide range of delectable dishes that have uniqueness of their own. The Malabar timbre resonates in almost all tastes no matter where the tastes originate whether it is Continental, Desert, European, Chinese or even Indian. The Kozhikode food streets are a foodies delight.
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