Peruvannamuzhi Dam Kozhikode

Apart from this, from the majestic hills to the serene river streams to the historic sites to the quaint villages and busy bazaars, this place has camouflaged tourists from time to time.

Peruvannamuzhi Dam Kozhikode Location

Peruvannamuzhi is a small village in Kozhikode which is very rich in flora as well as in fauna due to the wildlife sanctuary in it which has been recently inaugurated. It is one of the most beautiful tourist destination that can be witnessed in Kerala.

Peruvannamuzhi Dam is very near to the village and, hence, owes its name after that village. The dam is built over Kuttiadi River which originates from the Narikota ranges on the western slopes.

The dam is one of the most beautiful as well as a very popular picnic spot and is situated between the hills. The repository offers facilities such as speed and row boat cruises. And while you enjoy the boating experience, you can also see the Smarakathottam garden which was earlier developed in the memory of the freedom fighters of that region. There are several small uninhabited islands in the reservoirs out of which, a few of them have been converted to bird sanctuaries that add great charm to the place.

Best Time to Visit

To visit Peruvannamuzhi Dam in Kozhikode, the most favourable season is during the summer season that starts from March and lasts till May. However, monsoon seasons are the worst times for visiting the place because it receives heavy rainfall and you might not be able to go out and explore much. You may use a local transport or walk to the destination while enjoying the beauty of the place.

How to Reach Peruvannamuzhi Dam

Peruvannamuzhi does not have any station of its own. So, once you reach the Kozhikode railway station, you will have to travel by road for about 51.5 kilometres to reach the dam, which is approximately 1 hour 11 minutes journey.

From the railway station, head north on the Railway station 4th Platform road towards the Old Railway station and after 300 metres, turn left at tea store and milma booth onto Big bazaar. As you move on, you will pass Taj agencies on your right. Now, after 300 metres, take the first right to reach the Cherooty road and continue on the same for 1.2 kilometres, during which you will pass the Mathrubhumi employees multipurpose society Ltd. on the left. Then take a right slightly to get on to the Pt Usha road and continue for 200 metres and then take a left turn to take onto the Edapally - Panvel Highway for another 6 kilometres. You will pass a Bharat petrol pump on the right hand side. Further take a right, which will take you on the Atholi - Kuttiyadi Rd/Puthiyangadi Koothuparamba – Chovva Bypass/SH 38/SH 54 and continue straight for 2.2 kilometres. To continue on the same bypass, further take a left and continue for 15.1 kilometres on the same road. Then to reach onto the Koilandy- Thamarassery – Mukkom – Areakode -Edavanna Rd/Kozhikode-Kuttiyadi Road take a left and continue for 300 metres. After reaching there, take the first right for Kozhikode- Kuttiyadi Road and go ahead for 12.9 kilometres where you would pass another petrol pump after 4.7 kilometres, on your right. Then turn right at AB Agro Engineering Plumbers Choice and turn left onto the Chakkitapara Kelothuvayal Road after you continue straight for 8.1 kilometres.

You would pass a post office on your right on the Chakkitapara Kelothuvayal Road. Continue straight for 3.1 kilometres and turn right on the Muthukad road at CRPF Training centre. After you move straight for 1.7 kilometres, you will reach the dam.

Nearest Bus Depot: The nearest Bus depot to the dam is Perambra Bus station which is at Vadakke Nada road and it takes about 21 minutes and a further travel of 13 kilometres to reach the destination. Once you take cab from the bus station, head towards south-east to get on to the Puthiyangadi Koothuparamba – Chovva Bypass/SH 38/SH 54 continuing straight for a kilometre and then take the first left and further move straight for 8.1 kilometres. Then turn left and you will pass a Panchayat office on the right. After moving for 3.1 kilometres on this road, turn right to reach the Muthakad Road at CRPF Training centre. After heading straight for 1.7 kilometres, you will finally reach the destination.

Nearest Airport: Karipur International airport is the nearest airport to Peruvannamoozhi Dam which is almost 74.3 kilometres and ideally take 1 hour 33 minutes.

Accommodation near Peruvannamuzhi Dam

Here are the details of the hotels and resorts where you can stay.

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Seagot Banasura Resorts, Seagot Junction,
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Vythiri Village Resort

NH-212 near Vythiri town,
Vythiri, Kerala, 673576
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Banasura Island Retreat
Kuttiyamvayal, Varambetta P.O, Wayanad
Padinhara Thara, Kerala
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