Society in Kozhikode

Kozhikode, also known as Calicut, has been declared the second best city to reside in. There are many tourists who can be seen here enjoying themselves and taking advantage of the many beautiful sites and places this city boasts of. The beautiful beaches, the parks, the unique cuisines and the historical monuments are few of the many things that people visiting Kozhikode can enjoy. But what sometimes people are unable to see is the different side of the same coin. Some people in Kozhikode are still living below the poverty line. There are homeless people and there are orphans. Children often have to go to sleep without a meal. Sometimes, they do not even get one meal in the whole day. Children should be going to school, but some children in Kozhikode do not have the financial strength to do that. This gives rise to child labour, which is illegal. There are many such problems which the people of Kozhikode face every single day.

Welfare Organization in Kozhikode

The government and some private companies are doing their part to get rid of these evils in the society. In Kozhikode, you will find orphanages, old age homes, NGOs, and many other societies which are doing a good job to help the people of Kozhikode. People have been given shelter and children are given education. Slowly and steadily, the societies in Kozhikode are rising and people are getting good benefits because of that. Some of the few societies in Kozhikode are given below.

Old Age Homes in Kozhikode

The old age homes in Kozhikode not only provide shelter to the old people, they also provide various facilities like food, water, medical attention and many extra-curricular activities. Many old age homes in Kozhikode keep themselves ready for any emergency. Ambulances are also available there so that there is no time wasted in calling for an ambulance in an emergency. Some of the Old Age Homes in Kozhikode are:

Vishanti Bhavan

Vishanti Bhawan old age home was established in 1998 and is run by the ‘Medical Sisters of St. Jospeh (M.S.J)’. This is a center which takes care of the elderly persons who are sick, homeless, orphaned or infirm. The men should be at least 65 years old. There is no age bar for women. They are more than welcome to this Home if they so need. It is located in a very beautiful and peaceful village in Kozhikode known as Chathangottunada. The people living in this old age home are leading a very peaceful life and have gained the confidence of being independent. The care-takers of these elderly people are very experienced in their work and leave no stone unturned to take proper care of all the needs of these elderly people. They do not believe in caste, creed or religion.

: Vishanti Bhavan, Chathangottunada, P.O. Kavilumpara, District Calicut, Kerala- 673513.
Ph No.: 0496 2565632, 3241368 / +91 9495613368

Other Old Age Homes in Kozhikode

Mea Home
Home for the aged women
Sellere, Malapparamba
Kozhikode, Kerala- 673009.
Ph No.: 0495 2366010

Humanity Enlightenment
2nd Floor, Shamsu Building,
Calicut Ho, Kozhikode- 673001
Ph No.: 0495 3271793 / +91 9496345588

J.J. and S charitable trust
1, Main Road, Sneha Nivas
Ambayathode, Kozhikode Ho, Kozhikode
Kerala- 673001
Ph No.: +91 9447700561

Viswardarsan Charitable Trust
Makkada- Ottathengu (P.O.),
Kakkodi, Kozhikode, Kerala-673611
Ph No.: 0495 2391742 / +91 9249374883

The Poor Homes Society
Main Road, West Hill Calicut
Calicut South Beach, Kozhikode
Kerala- 6730001
Ph No.: +91 9847186207

33/564, A.R. Camp Road,
Marikunnu P.O., Kozhikode
Kerala- 673012.
Ph No.: +91 9349114056

Mythri Mandiram Elders
Mythri Mandiram Elders Home,
Kanmanam Post, Kalpakancheri, Malappuram,
Kozhikode, Kerala- 676551.
Ph No.: +91 9387653484

Orphanages in Kozhikode

Orphanages in Kozhikode

Orphanages are known for their help to the children in the age group of 0 to 15. They provide the orphan children with education, food and shelter. Most of the orphanages in Kozhikode are private and are working hard with the money earned from donations or funds. Some of them keep an option of adoption of the children. This is a good thing to do as the children get a chance to have a family and live a normal life. But even if the children do not get adopted, they are taken good care of and are given good facilities till the time they become adults and can fend for themselves in the world outside. In the orphanages of Kozhikode, the personality development of every child is given a lot of importance. Some of the orphanages in Kozhikode are:

Mukkam Muslim Orphanage Committee

When it first began, this orphanage had only 22 orphans. Now it is more than just an orphanage. It is now a complex which has professional institutions, colleges and schools. Its primary aim is to help each child stand on his feet and to help the children acquire all the skills required in any field that they choose. More than 1500 children are here in this orphanage at present. All the children in this orphanage are provided with free clothes, food, medical treatment, accommodation and learning material. The girl orphans are also helped in getting married. They are even funding their inmates to study outside of Kozhikode, like doing IAS coaching etc. The children in this orphanage are not only from Kozhikode but also from cities like Delhi.

The orphanage was awarded the ‘best orphanage’. This award was given by the President of India himself. This award was presented to this orphanage because of the work and contribution they have done in helping the inmates in the field of education.

Address: P.O. Mukkam, Calicut District, Kerala- 673602.
Ph No.: +91 9744212988 / +91 9742297122
Email: [email protected]

Other Orphanages in Kozhikode

MES Feroka Orphanage
Feroke College, Feroke,
Kerala- 673643
Ph No.: 0495 2440688

Suraju Huda Hidaya Orphanage
Kozhikode- 673504.
Ph No.: 0496 2572411

Convent peruvayal
Peruvayal, Kozhikode
Kerala- 673024.
Ph No.: 0495 2492323

Jdt Islam Orphanage Committee
Kerala- 673012.
Ph No.: 0495 2731420

Bala Mandiram
Chevayur, Kozhikode,
Kerala- 673017.
Ph No.: 0495 2354642

NGOs in Kozhikode

NGOs in Kozhikode are always working hard to provide the needy people with the means of livelihood. Some NGOs are profitable and some are non-profitable. But the work that they all do is worth appreciating. Some of the NGOs in Kozhikode are given below.

Center for Social Research and Development in Kozhikode

The CSRD is a very unique NGO. It was the first NGO in Kerala to start working with female sex workers. They lay more emphasis on the development of women. It is a non-profitable society in Kozhikode. They work with marginalized communities and help in improving their lives. The CSRD was established in 1995 and since then, they have been working with female sex workers of Kozhikode. The main reason for doing that was to address this big problem of prostitution in the society. Apart from dealing with this problem of prostitution, it is doing its best to help the children who are in need. It also deals with HIV/AIDS, Human rights and Nutrition. The CSRD also helps in offering placement services for students.

They have undertaken a few projects which include The Sex Workers Project, IDU Project, IDU Clinic, Human Rights Training, Migrant workers and the Fishing community.

Address: Center for Social Research and Development, 1/1911, Opposite Konnad Bus Stop, Beach Road, West Hill P.O., Kozhikode- 5.
Ph No.: 0495 2384576 / 09847290047
Email: [email protected]

Bodhi Kala Samskarika Samithy

Registered in 1989, this NGO is known to conduct programs to create awareness amongst people regarding environment, health and blood donation. They believe in women empowerment and vocational training is conducted for the youth.

Address: Bodhi Kala Samskarika Samithy, Karayad, Meppayyur- Via, Kozhikode District, Kerala 673524.
Ph No.: 0496 2676691, 3186065 / +91 9447716691.
Email: [email protected]

Green IT Charitable Society

Registered in 2009, this society promoted 100% voluntary blood donation in accordance with the National Blood Policy of India by joining hands with the Kerala State Youth Welfare Board. This also included maintaining a database of blood donors, online. They are now dealing with a lot of issues which include, but are not limited to, youth affairs, vocational training, art & culture, education & literacy, biotechnology, agriculture, unemployment, labor, rural development, poverty alleviation, legal awareness, women’s empowerment and their development, communication technology etc.

Address: Green IT Charitable Society, 2nd Floor, Geetham Asokapuram, Jawahar Nagar Colony Road,
Kozhikode, Kerala 673001.
Ph No.: +91 9447630099
Email: [email protected]

OHM Charitable Trust

This society was registered in 2001 and deals with major issues like differently-abled people, children, youth affairs, vocational training, education and literacy, agriculture, unemployment, labor, rural development, poverty alleviation, legal awareness, biotechnology, women’s empowerment and their development, art and culture, communication technology etc. Their work was much appreciated when they helped the people in Kozhikode and Sri Lanka, when they were affected by the Tsunami, by providing them with clothing and food. Also, they have taken a step as a coach and they facilitate and motivate the youth through workshops, seminars and sessions in colleges, schools, associations and clubs. They also empower the youth by providing them the guidance that is required for choosing the right career. They also help them in getting the right thoughts and feelings which are relevant to the industry that they are seeking.

Address: 19/929, Chembaka Colony, Chalappuram, Kozhikode, Kerala 673002.
Ph No.: 0495 2302445
Email: [email protected]

Muslim Educational Society

It started off in 1964 in Kozhikode and today it is the largest Muslim service organization in India. This society has now spread to other countries as well. But the motto of this organization remains the same to transform the educational status of Muslims. Their main priority is to uplift the Indian Muslims culturally, educationally, and socially. Also the main theme of the organization is the education of women. It is their belief that the development of the nation will start only with the development of individuals.

Address: The Muslim Educational Society (REGD.), Headquarters, Bank Road, Kozhikode, Kerala- 673001.
Ph No.: 0495 2369321, 2766577, 2761189
Fax: 0495 2766577
Email: [email protected]

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